Real Change in Springfield

  • I was one of the first lawmakers to voice support for a change in the Speaker’s office. I proudly voted for Speaker Emmauel ‘Chris’ Welch as our first new speaker of the house in 36 years and first black man to hold the position. 

  • I’m a legislator 100% of the time, without outside employment and conflicts of interest. 

  • I’ve worked to end the legislator-to-lobbyist revolving door by requiring a one year “cooling off” period before former legislators and staff can lobby in Illinois.

Public Safety and Gun Violence

It’s vital to feel safe in our own communities. That is why I have taken strong actions towards gun violence in our city and will continue to push against gun violence here in Illinois. A few of those actions include:

  • I cosponsored legislation to ban assault weapons and end the sale of high-capacity magazines. This monumental legislation was signed into law in January of 2023.

  • In 2021, I Introduced the Protecting Heartbeats Act, which would allow civil action against gun manufacturers, importers, and dealers whose firearms are responsible for injury or death in the state.

  • I helped create a Public Safety and Violence Prevention Task Force which takes a better look at policing and how we keep our communities and neighborhoods safe for everyone, while addressing police/community relationships.

  • I helped establish a new Office of Firearm Violence Prevention (under IDHS) to engage, support and collaborate with community stakeholders in areas with the highest rates of violence.

  • We increased funding for community-based violence prevention programs providers that offer after-school programs, youth summer jobs, and enrichment programs.

  • I cosponsored HB 562, which is now signed into law, that expands background checks on all gun sales and provides mental health funding for communities most impacted by gun violence.

Protecting Our Environment

As a mother of three, I cannot imagine a world where we don’t aggressively protect our environment and take action to combat climate change. We have to leave the world a better place than what we found for our children, and ensure that our communities have clean air and clean water for generations to come.

As state representative and member of the Illinois Green Caucus, I’ve prioritized protecting our environment, and doing so in a manner that supports economic development. I couldn’t be prouder of the passage of the national landmark Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA), which puts Illinois on a climate neutral state by 2045. In addition to passing CEJA, we are incentivizing alternate modes of transportation, such as electric vehicles, by allocating funds for consumer rebates and implementing charging infrastructure statewide.

Fiscal Responsibility and Expanded Revenue for the State

We have made great strides toward restoring Illinois’ fiscal health and it’s critical we continue to make decisions that stabilize our state’s economy. I have voted in favor of three balanced budgets that have allowed us to pay off the state’s bill backlog, reduce pension liabilities, and deliver almost $2 billion of direct tax relief to Illinois citizens. A few other highlights include:

  • We’ve received nine credit rating upgrades and have officially reached “A” status with all rating agencies.

  • I’ve supported the new revenue sources for the state, like legalizing and expanding sports betting, iGaming, and fintech.

  • I’ve fought for our small businesses, making sure they have access to resources and networks through an online platform that allows businesses to grow.

  • I introduced and passed legislation to expand the Angel Tax Credit Program by $5 million to a total of $15 million. This legislation will drive investment in new Illinois businesses ventures that are minority-owned, women-owned, or are located in smaller areas of the state outside of Chicago removing barriers and increasing equity across our communities.

LGBTQ + Rights

LGBTQ+ rights are human rights. As an ally of the community, I will always defend the right of every LGBTQ+ Illinoisan to live their lives proudly with dignity and respect without the fear of discrimination.

  • I cosponsored the Patient and Provider Protection Act which expands access to healthcare by guaranteeing abortion medications, life-saving HIV prevention medication, and gender-affirming care are covered by insurers at no extra cost and requires government employers to offer insurance plans that provide coverage for these treatments.

  • I chief sponsored HB 3709, which now allows same sex couples, single women, and others looking to grow their families to use their health insurance for fertility treatments, removing a huge discriminatory financial barriers.

  • I voted for SB 139, which allows individuals who are currently married to request a marriage certificate from their county clerk’s office free of gender identifying language.

  • We repealed the antiquated, dangerous law that criminalized HIV.

  • I’m an ardent supporter of funding programs for LGBTQ homeless youth, mental health, and HIV prevention, testing and treatment.

Reproductive Rights

As a woman and mother of three I understand how critical it is to have access to reproductive healthcare. All throughout the country we’ve seen a woman’s right to choose increasingly under attack. I am committed to making sure that Illinois remains a pro-choice safe haven for women all across the Midwest.

  •  I am a member of the Reproductive Health and the Dobbs Decision Working Group formed by House Speaker Welch to create policies that would secure protections for patients and providers of reproductive and gender affirming care.

  • I’ve chief sponsored numerous pieces of legislation to expand access and coverage for people who are starting their families through IVF and other reproductive technologies.

  • In 2021, we repealed the Parental Notification Act SB 1594. Decades of research and experience demonstrate that laws like this hurt young people and serve no valid purpose.

  • I will continue to push for universal paid parental leave so that women and their partners can have sufficient time to heal and time to spend with their newborns without putting their families in economic jeopardy.

  • I support legislation protecting pregnant women from discrimination at work and in the hiring process and I’m fighting for pregnancy costs to be shared between both parents, not just the mother.

  • I introduced legislation that would provide funding for a new pilot program to fund a three year mobile prenatal and postnatal healthcare clinic. This program will bring support and care to moms and moms-to-be, closing the gap to access to care.

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