All Americans are entitled to be treated equally under the law, regardless of who they love and how they identify.

How I  will fight on LGBTQ issues:

  • Employment Non-Discrimination Act to ensure that LGBTQ workers cannot be discriminated against in the workplace and hiring process.

  • Protecting the Adoption Tax Credit, which enables same-sex couples to adopt and start a family, and fight against discriminatory practices in the adoption process.

  • Ensure efforts that enable transgender Americans to change their gender on government identification documents and allow transgender Americans to use the public facilities that fit their gender identities.

  • Require all private and public facilities that receive state grant money to abide by Illinois anti-discrimination laws as a condition to continued funding.

  • Support funding programs for LGBTQ homeless youth, mental health, and HIV prevention, testing and treatment.

Jobs and the Economy

As the deputy chief of staff for the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, I work closely with Governor Pritzker and his staff to help small businesses thrive and to attract new jobs to the state.

My experience fighting for a strong economy:

  • Worked closely on Governor Pritzker’s five-year economic plan that will create jobs and expand prosperity to all communities.

  • Assisted the Office of Minority Empowerment to issue $15 million in grants to women and minority-owned small businesses.

  • Helped homeowners in Cook County to reduce their property tax assessments.

To boost our economy and create jobs, I will:

  • Retain young talent by making public colleges affordable and creating 21st Century opportunities in Illinois after graduation.

  • Give small businesses access to resources and networks through an online platform that allows businesses to grow. This includes simplifying applications and processes so businesses can access state services and information more efficiently.

  • Build the workforce of the future by investing and incentivizing apprenticeship programs for in-demand occupations.

  • Incentivize new and emerging industries to locate in Illinois like clean energy, lifesciences, and information technology. By identifying concentrated industry clusters in which the state has a large employment base positions us to compete globally for talent and investment.

Reproductive Rights & Women’s Health

I support women’s rights to the full range of reproductive health services, without restrictions.  This includes access to safe, legal, and affordable abortions.

  • Parental Notification Act SB 1594 repeals the forced parental involvement law, which requires a healthcare provider to notify an adult family member(parent, legal guardian, grandparent, of step-parent living in the household) at least 48 hours prior to performing an abortion for a patient under 18. The law allows for a judicial bypass for those who cannot notify an adult family member. Decades of research and experience demonstrate that laws like this hurt young people and serve no valid purpose.

  • Advocate for universal paid parental leave so that women have sufficient time to heal and all parents have time to spend with their newborns without putting their families in economic jeopardy.

  • Support legislation protecting pregnant women from discrimination at work and in the hiring process.

Property Tax Relief

As a homeowner and taxpayer, I understand the challenges people and families across our district face. In order to grow our state economy, we need to make communities like ours an affordable place to live. But for too many, rising property taxes are squeezing people and families out of our community and our state. 

To address our broken property tax system, I will:

  • Support the fair tax to change the way our public school systems are funded. Currently, the state makes up only 26% of our school funding formula. By passing the fair tax, we will be able to pass legislation that increases the percentage of public school funding from the state and lessens the burden on local property taxes.  

  • Work to consolidate downstate school districts and local municipalities to create efficiencies of scale.

  • Back legislation to create more transparency in the property tax formula.

  • Amend the duration of TIF districts from 23 to 15 years.

Ethics Reform

For too long, Illinois government has run rampant with corrupt politicians. To enact smart policy, we need the public’s trust. But corruption has diminished our ability to grow our economy, improve our local schools, and pursue a bold agenda of smart, progressive policy on any number of issues. We cannot tolerate it any longer. 

To restore the public’s trust, I will:

  • Be a legislator 100% of the time, without outside employment and conflicts of interest. 

  • Work to end the legislator-to-lobbyist revolving door by requiring a one year “cooling off” period before former legislators and staff can lobby in Illinois.

  • Support the Comptroller’s proposed bill that stops payment for legislators on their last day instead of the end of the month.

  • Back robust procurement and contracting reform in order to diminish the power of political figures from being able to steer contracts to friends and allies.

  • Fight to require greater disclosure of politician’s financial holdings or obligations to ensure they are free of conflicts of interest.

  • Vote for term limits for legislative leaders. 

  • Support fair maps for state and local legislative district so that voters choose their politicians, and politicians do not choose their voters. 

Gun Violence

Illinois is facing a gun violence epidemic. According to Everytown, in an average year, 1,310 people die by guns in Illinois. That number includes an average of 183 children and teens. Our state representatives needs to pass common sense gun safety legislation to protect our children and communities from the trauma of mass shootings and hand gun violence. I will be a strong voice in Springfield advocating for the creation of sensible gun control measures.

  • I support the recently passed Cook County assault weapons ban and will sponsor legislation that pushes for a statewide assault weapons and large capacity magazine ban.

  • In Illinois, 86% of intimate partner gun homicide victims were women. I will advocate to modify existing domestic violence-related firearm prohibitions to last the length of the order or 2 years, whichever is longer.

  • Change the current firearm purchase license (i.e., FOID) system to require an in-person application, fingerprinting, and a duration of 5 years.

  • Require all firearm sellers to perform universal background checks on any person who attempts to purchase a gun.


As a new mother, I cannot imagine a world where we don’t aggressively protect our environment and take action to combat climate change.  We have to leave the world a better place than what we found for our children, and we have to ensure that our communities and our children today have clean air and clean water.

As state representative, I will prioritize protecting our environment, and do so in a manner that supports economic development.

Clean Energy and Climate Change

Climate change is undeniably impacting all of us, and has already negatively affected our community, damaging infrastructure and threatening our homes with lakefront flooding and other extreme weather.

As a state we can stand up to the Trump administration’s failure to act, with a climate resiliency strategy that allows us to meet the goals of the U.S. Climate Alliance, moving to a clean energy future.

That’s why I support the Clean Energy Jobs Act, a plan to get Illinois to 100% clean energy, while protecting workers of existing energy facilities and providing new investments throughout our state.